Hi x,

I’m writing to request your approval to attend the Keelvar Konnect Summit being held on October 20th, 2022 in Zurich, Switzerland.

Keelvar Konnect will bring together senior procurement professionals for an educational and practical one-day event, where I will learn about the latest advancements in sourcing automation.

I will learn from an impressive mix of procurement leaders, fellow peers and thought-provoking speakers who will share real-life stories of how sourcing automation is being implemented at their organisation, as well as best practices for embarking on that journey.

The face-to-face event will help me to create valuable connections and gain insights from a dynamic community of peers, business practitioners and solution experts.

The event offers high-level networking opportunities, and an opportunity to connect with thought leaders that could help us determine how to get more from our procurement solution right now – and better plan for future initiatives.

Sending me to this conference will be an excellent investment. I’m especially interested in looking into solutions that will help us address:


This conference will deliver incredible value I can bring back and share with our team! I can submit a post-conference report that includes an overall summary for the leadership team, lessons learned and key takeaways and recommendations to maximize our current and future investments in sourcing automation solutions.

Thank you for your consideration!
Signed x